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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Online Tech at 7×24 Exchange’s 2011 Fall Conference

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Leveraging Innovation
Leveraging Innovation

Online Tech’s CEO Yan Ness has been selected to speak at 7×24 Exchange’s Fall Conference “Leveraging Innovation” in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to 7x24exchange.org, the conference is designed for IT, data center, and disaster recovery professionals, network/telecommunication managers, computer technologists, facility or building managers, supervisors and engineers, vendors, consultants and anyone concerned with uninterrupted access to critical information.

The breakout session is titled “The Cloud and the Availability Spectrum.” Ness will discuss the challenges that companies face when choosing to adopt either the cloud or a disaster recovery plan, as well as share a case study of Online Tech’s own migration to cloud disaster recovery:

The potential of cloud computing to reduce recovery time and achieve better utilization of resources dedicated to disaster recovery has tantalizing appeal for businesses wanting to improve their resilience.

The problem is, expectations are often misaligned with the selected technologies or the path of getting from the current infrastructure to one that is truly capable of both failover and failback in the event of an actual disaster.

Progressing companies are often forced to learn painful lessons by piloting new systems: cloud first or disaster recovery first? Is there a path that can embrace both? How do we find out what we don’t know to ask?

Yan Ness from Online Tech shares the questions, challenges, and solutions generated during Online Tech’s own migration from “offsite backup” to true Active-Active availability with a cloud/disaster recovery infrastructure capable of continuity in a meaningful, realistic manner.

The Cloud and The Availability Spectrum: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
The Cloud and The Availability Spectrum: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

7×24 is a leadership collective for professionals that design, build, use and maintain mission-critical enterprise information infrastructures. Read our recent press release for more information about Ness’s presentation and the conference.

Or read one of our E-Tips on the Benefits of Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing and how the cloud changes conventional disaster recovery. Watch a webinar on Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – SAN to SAN Replication for a more technical overview.

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