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Disaster recovery expert to guest host Online Tech ‘Tuesdays at 2’ webinar

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After 30 years in the disaster recovery industry, Lance Thompson has plenty of tales to tell. A few are extreme – like making huge efforts to help clients through the aftermath of hurricanes, floods, tornados and fires. Most are born from more mundane, but considerably more common, issues like human error, maintenance issues or power outages.

But they all come together to form the basis of Thompson’s message in an upcoming Online Tech ‘Tuesdays at 2’ educational seminar on December 9 titled “Lessons Learned From the Disaster Recovery Trenches.”

“I’ve got enough disaster recovery war stories to do five webinars,” says Thompson, founder and president of Indiana-based Baseline Data Services. “Everything from customers who have really screwed up to those who have really done it right.”

Baseline’s focus is strictly on providing disaster recovery solutions, online data protection and virtual private servers to hundreds of companies across 44 states. It has a perfect track record of 100-percent recovery success after 123 (and counting) declared disasters.

The company also became the first customer at Online Tech’s new Indianapolis data center. The two organizations were so impressed with each other that they formed a partnership to extend each other’s services to their respective clients.

Thompson’s presentation will be an executive-level overview of best practices to ensure an organization can meet the “recover” promise of disaster recovery. He calls it the “common sense view of disaster recovery.” (Register here.)

One point he’ll cover is designing disaster recovery plans from an application perspective to get the best value for your strategy. He’ll also discuss, among other topics, why making a disaster recovery plan simply to satisfy auditors is a fool’s errand.


Along with hosting our December 9 webinar, Thompson will be among Online Tech’s guests at our open house celebration for our new Metro Detroit Data Center.

You are also invited to join us at the event, scheduled for 3-7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 2 to get a sneak peek at our newly commissioned data center, network with Metro Detroit IT peers, meet Thompson and other Michigan and Indiana clients and enjoy great food and drink, including a champagne toast.

Reserve your spot at the open house today!


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