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CIS Cyber Alert Releases Recommendations to Combat CryptoLocker Malware

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Last week I wrote about CryptoLocker in Offsite Backup: Thwarting the Profitable Encryption Malware Cryptolocker, the well-known malware that is categorized as ‘ransomware’ – it encrypts files on your computer and refuses to decrypt until you pay the malware authors a fee. To help combat the malware spread, CIS (Center for Internet Security) released some pointers for organizations concerned about possible infection:

Block traffic to a number of IP addresses at your network perimeter devices to prevent the malware from getting the encryption key from the C2 server. These are just a few (see the rest of them here):


Here are some sample email subjects, attachment naming conventions, sender email addresses, sender IPs and hosts that might indicate presence of the malware:

Subject: “Annual Form – Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business”
Attachment: Attachments follow the naming convention of “Form_[Varying Digits and Numbers].zip. For example: Form_nfcausa.org.zip, Form_20130810.exe, Form_f4f43454.com.zip.
Spoofed Sender: “[email protected]” “[email protected]
Sender IP:
Sender Host: mail.netsential.com

CIS also lists a few registry and file system path indicators for Windows. Other recommendations include:

  • Most emails containing CryptoLocker are sent via spoofed email accounts – spread awareness throughout your users to ensure they check the email senders before opening
  • Block traffic to the listed IP addresses at your network perimeter devices
  • Remind users not to visit un-trusted websites or follow links provided by unknown or un-trusted sources
  • Remind users to be cautious when clicking on links in emails coming from trusted sources
  • Check antivirus is installed and for updates
  • If infected with CryptoLocker, remediate the infection via antivirus. Following the remediation, restore any encrypted files from backup or system restore points and volume shadow copies.

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CIS Cyber Alert – Cryptolocker Indicators

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