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Building A Virtual Data Center

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OTC builds a virtual data center that spans power grids

OTC is buildout our a “virtual data center” by knitting together our data centers, located in separate power grids, together with fiber.

Using OTC’s “virtual data center” provides improved connection against large-scale blackouts. Production servers can exist at two separate data centers, 60 miles apart, each on separate power grids.

Using available networking technology the load can be spread across the production servers at the 2 locations.

“Virtual data centers” offer two distinct benefits:

a) Grow incrementally: Ever been in a data center that’s out of space, power or cooling? What do you do next? With a virtual data center architecture you’re not limited by the capacity in your current location.

b) Uptime: Your equipment physically exists in multiple geographies but is connected as if it’s in the same data center so you’re better protected against wide scale power disruption or weather anomalies.

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