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Backup video series: The difference between data backup and data replication

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In the first of his 12-part data backup video series, Online Tech’s Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello takes a look at the difference between data backup and data replication.

Though sometimes used interchangeably, the terms are not synonymous.

“There are appropriate uses for backup technologies and there are appropriate uses for replication technologies,” Aiello says. “It really just depends on what you are trying to achieve.”

This video series will continue throughout February. Check back for new entries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up next: “Why Many Companies Don’t Have a Data Backup Plan.”

Learn more by downloading our disaster recovery white paper.

Online Tech’s enterprise-level offsite backup provides the highest level of protection with encrypted, offsite backup in a fully managed environment. Key features include:

File-level restoration
Most backup needs relate to specific files. If you only have snapshots for backup, recovering a single file requires restoration of the entire server. Online Tech lets you recover files as needed, as a self-serve or with our assistance.

Offsite backup
Service disruptions often affect an entire data center. You can’t protect data unless it is remote and offsite. Rest assured, your data will never leave Online Tech’s private network. No third party will contact your data.

End-to-end encryption
Never expose your sensitive data. From initial encryption at the source, during transit through Online Tech’s private fiber network, to encryption at rest in the backup grid, your sensitive information is always protected.

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