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3 Key benefits of hybrid cloud

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According to the 2019 State of the Cloud report, 94 percent of organizations surveyed are using cloud, and 28 percent prioritize hybrid cloud. Enterprises planning to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy increased to 58 percent compared to 51 percent in 2018. Why are organizations trending towards hybrid cloud? Here are three possible reasons:

  1. Unique application needs: Application needs vary widely in the cloud, and data from a single application may need to be shuttled between public and private environments. Hybrid cloud is an ideal solution for this. Another ideal scenario for hybrid cloud is to have parts of your application public facing (say a patient portal to schedule office visits) but the sensitive data within that portal stored in a private cloud for security and compliance purposes.
  2. Cost savings: When run properly, hybrid cloud offers great cost savings. You get to decide where your data will live and have a greater degree of control over your environment. Working with a managed cloud provider can help you focus solely on your application or managing the infrastructure without worrying about the capital-intensive labor that goes into buying and maintaining the infrastructure.
  3. Efficiency: Using both private and public cloud allows for your environment/network to be optimized for minimum latency and ensure your data gets where it needs to go. It’s also easier to take advantage of edge computing to further increase speed and reach end users more quickly.

There are many benefits to hybrid cloud, including true flexibility and efficiency for the unique data and application needs of your business. The ability to mix public and private clouds allows organizations to take advantage of the rapid scalability the cloud offers. Working with a managed cloud provider can also help increase efficiency and optimize costs because they help you determine the best environment for your workloads.

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