Simple, native VMware-based disaster recovery

Get peace of mind for your VMware environment with Otava Disaster Recovery as a Service, powered by VMware. As a Strong Performer in the Forrester WaveTM and one of the top 11 private cloud service providers, our simple, secure, and cost-effective disaster recovery and migration services are available for on-prem and Otava clouds. Easily recover your VMware environment without the burden and expense of deploying and managing a secondary site. Otava clouds run on VMware-native architecture, allowing you to use the same vSphere replication processes you already know and single pane of glass console for your everyday operations and your disaster recovery solution.

Quick, low-cost disaster recovery

Otava DRaaS powered by VMware helps you avoid the expensive cost for the infrastructure and resources needed to build and manage a second site. With a push-button runbook you can recover in minutes, minimizing application disruption and downtime. Through the common vSphere interface, you can enjoy.a fully integrated management console for your cloud environment and DR solution and have full control to perform failovers and fail back in a test or live scenario, with our expert engineers right by your side to support you. And with premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud solutions encrypted both in flight and at rest (no VPN needed), you can rest assured your environment is safe and secure. With Otava DRaas powered by VMware, disaster recovery has never been simpler.

How Otava DRaaS powered by VMware works

  • The VMware Cloud Availability Appliance is installed at the source and target cloud locations
  • On the appliance, site-to-site replication settings are configured
  • SLA settings are configured and applied based on your business needs
  • DR protection is initiated
  • Using the Cloud Director interface at the target site, a test failover validates a successful recovery

Key use cases for Otava DRaaS powered by VMware

How do you know if Otava DRaaS powered by VMware is really for you? Let us count the ways…

  •  Your infrastructure runs on VMware today
  • You have important business applications that need recovery in minutes  
  • You do not have an off-site location for recovery, or your off-site location is aging or expensive to manage 
  • You want someone else to focus on the day-to-day infrastructure management while you control your DR runbook and failover

Sound like you?

Get started with Otava today.

Technical specifications

  • Premise to Cloud, and Cloud to Cloud 
  • Simple price per VM and Storage Consumed 
  • Pay as you go for Compute Resources on Failover 
  • Self-service Management via Cloud Director UI 
  • Self-service Migrations 
  • Built with VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0 
  • 5 Minute Self-Configurable RPO 
  • Secure & Compliant Hosting Environment 
  • Performant and Scalable SDDC DR Cloud 
  • Flash-optimized Hybrid DR Storage 
  • 100% Service Uptime Guarantee 
  • WAN Compression for Bandwidth Optimization 
  • Flexible Restore Point Retention 
  • Four DR tests included per year 
  • Full or Partial DR Failover and Failback
  • Data encryption in-flight and at-rest 
  • Compatible with vSphere 6.5 U3 and higher, Cloud Director 9.5 and higher 
  • Expert Staff for Support and Assisted Recovery 
  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Support 
  • 24 x 7 Managed and Monitored infrastructure 

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