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Interested in delivering cloud-based applications to anyone, anywhere on any device? It’s simple with Workspace as a Service. Automate, deploy, and manage service delivery for yourself or your clients with virtual desktops and applications in the cloud. WaaS uses encryption in transit and at rest, so you can keep hackers at bay. And, it keeps sensitive data off devices and safely in your data center or ours.


Eliminate the threats to your data security posed by fear of device theft and unwanted cyber attacks with remote access control and role delegation. Workspace as a Service also automatically logs every time someone accesses systems where sensitive data is stored and saves those logs for you. Plus, our support team is all over it 24/7 whenever you need anything. With Workspace as a Service, you can automate, manage and deliver the same intuitive user experience for IT services and applications to all your devices, not just a lucky few.

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