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Chicago Plastic Surgeon Turns Techie

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It wasn’t uncommon for Dumanian’s team to take a photo of a “flap” – a piece of tissue moved around the body but still connected with its blood supply for reconstructive surgery – and scramble around the hospital seeking a color printer. The photo would be downloaded, printed, carried back to the patient’s room and hung on a wall for the next shift to use as a comparison when patient care transitioned between hospital shifts.

“That is the way it was done a year ago,” Dumanian says. “That’s just crazy in this day and age, but there was no other way to do it with the large teams involved in patient care”.

An obvious solution to sharing photos was born with cameras on personal cell phones. However, sending unencrypted photos and data in that manner is a violation of HIPAA privacy rules protecting personal health information.

After reaching out to numerous hospitals around the country and realizing none of them had a HIPAA-compliant mobile device system that focused on transitions of care and HIPAA compliance – Dumanian set out to create his own.

He contracted with Oak Brook, Illinois-based IT consulting firm SD3 to create HipaaCat, a mobile device application that allows assigned levels of image and note exchange between members of his health care team.

Dumanian and Paul Hannon, President of SD3, then selected Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Online Tech to host the cloud-based application. Online Tech is the only independently HIPAA audited hosting provider in the country offering a complete range of hosting options.

The result is a complete solution that can transfer notes and images to and from multiple mobile application devices (including iPhones, iPads, Android and Android tablets), but data travel through a secure central server and are encrypted at every stage.

The application has value in numerous fields of medicine that benefit from visual monitoring of healing – such as vascular surgery, trauma care, orthopedics and infectious disease. Dumanian recently unveiled a patient-to-doctor version of the app called “My Doctor Note” that facilitates HIPAA compliant communication of photos and messages between a doctor and patient.

About Zadom Apps

Zadom Apps is a company dedicated to improved healthcare communication using mobile devices.

About Paul Hannon

Paul Hannon’s experience spans many industries and business processes. He began his profession with Hyatt Hotels and later Ameritech, analyzing business processes and systems, designing databases and developing software. He branched out into system architecture, project management, and business development while at Oak Brook-based BALR Corporation and later became a Principal at Chicago-based Whittman-Hart and marchFirst. At SD3, Paul continues to focus on customers through his trademark ability to drive client initiatives to successful completion. Learn more about Paul Hannon and SD3 at www.sd3.com

Contact: April Sage, Director of Marketing, Healthcare Vertical, 734.213.2020 x 113, [email protected]

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