Why Consider Online Data Storage over Traditional Tape Storage?

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Many of our clients are moving away from tapes to online backup and archiving of their data - usually between our data centers.

Online Data Storage is Faster, More Secure, and More Reliable.

Many of our clients are moving away from tapes to online backup and archiving of their data – usually between our data centers.  Online data storage and backup works for co-location and dedicated server environments and is faster, far more secure, and more reliable than tape backup.

Security – Compared to tape backup solutions where the data storage needs to physically handled and transferred, Online data storage and backup not subject to physical handling of the media. For managed backup, your data never leaves the server until it’s encrypted.

Speed – Online data backup can be set up automatically, and is does not rely on an operator to swap tapes and ship tapes off site. Recovery is just as fast. Rather than physically accessing the tapes and loading the tapes from a tape reader, Online data storage is accessible in near real-time.

Reliability – 40% of tape backups can’t be recovered by a reader that didn’t write the tapes for a variety of reasons. Online data storage is implemented through RAID replicated hard disks both on the local network and to the remote data centers, eliminating the physical and media problems associated with tapes.

Tape backup can still be useful if you have years of data to keep stored, but when it comes to daily, weekly and monthly archives, online data storage and backup across data centers can be a simple, reliable, and cost effective solution for your backup needs.

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