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Why Colocate with Online Tech?

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Online Technologies Provides the Environment, Security, Power, and Network to Ensure Always On, Always Online, and Always Secure

There’s certainly plenty to consider when developing a plan for you business’ data storage and disaster recovery. Building your own data center can be costly. Not storing your equipment in a safe, secure, and climate-controlled environment can be just as costly. The easy solution is colocation through one of Online Tech’s Michigan data centers.

Colocation through one of Online Technologies Michigan data centers provides your business with the secure, controlled environment and reliable services to ensure your company’s computers are always on, always online, and your data is always safe. There are several factors that enable Online Technologies to provide these services. This blog post is dedicated to highlighting a few key points (environment, security, power, and network) that make Online Technologies the obvious choice when considering colocation for your company’s data.


Online Technologies’ data centers offer climate-controlled environments to colocate. Your equipment will be stored in one of Online Technologies data centers, offering more than 40,000 square feet of combined Michigan data center space. Each facility utilizes redundant N+1 HVAC systems providing a consistent climate (temperature and humidity).This system is under 24 x 7 monitoring, and OTC staff is immediately notified in the event of any changes to the environment. In addition, OTC’s data centers have two-level fire protection system and FM200 or dry pipe fire suppression systems.


Colocation through OTC also ensures your equipment is safe and secure. OTC’s Michigan data centers require multiple levels of security clearance to gain access into the facility, including biometrics. The facility is monitored 24 x 7 by real-time video surveillance. Surveillance video is stored in an on-site DVR for 90-days. Online Technologies also offers optional locked, private cages, adding an additional level of security to your equipment and data. And as an Online Technologies customer, you will have 24 x 7 access to your colocated equipment.


Online Technologies’ data centers offer always-on power. The 99.9-percent Uptime Service Level Agreement increases to 99.99-percent with the High Availability Package. The HA package is perfect for businesses that rely on e-commerce to generate their revenue. OTC can provide this because there are dual power runs from two separate power stations that supply OTC’s Michigan data centers with power. OTC data centers are also located on separate power grids in different geographic locations. This is an added benefit when disaster recovery hosting is placed in a different power grid.


The network service replicates the power distribution. Dual network drops are provided from multiple Tier 1 providers with built-in failover. The 99.9-percent Uptime Service Level Agreement increases to 99.95-percent with the High Availability package. The network is proactively monitored 24 x 7. The network also provides private circuits between all of Online Technologies Michigan data centers. The network is scalable and burst-able, providing your company with the amount of bandwidth necessary to conduct your business.

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