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What is VMware Cloud Hosting?

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Cloud computing opened up an entirely new realm of possibility for information technology. In the past, businesses were dependent solely on on-premise servers to handle their data storage and usage needs. With the cloud, onsite data hosting is no longer a necessity. Instead, companies can now move a majority of their IT processes offsite,  which is a dream for managing backup and disaster recovery. After all, in the instance that your business’s server is lost in a fire, flood or breach, onsite BDR is as good as gone. But what do you do when part of your IT department is suited for the cloud, and the other segment of your data must stay onsite? Businesses that need to find a happy medium between cloud and onsite storage benefit from cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting Basics

Getting started with cloud computing can be a disaster for businesses that operate on limited finances and bare bones IT experience. For starters, there are three different types of clouds you can operate from:

A public cloud may offer the majority of services your business needs for backup and data recovery at the most affordable rate. However, many companies are hesitant to put mission critical data in the public cloud. For these companies, a private cloud is the right solution. However, you need to have an established and highly technical IT department on hand to build this cloud from the ground up. This takes a great deal of time, as well as money, both of which are limited with most small-to-medium businesses. The hybrid cloud offers the advantage of utilizing a combination of both the public and private cloud to optimize your business’s cloud strategy according to the parameters set. Meaning if you would like to host mission critical data onsite and test/dev environments in the public cloud, you can. Again, this takes technical know-how, money and time to set up.  What you need is a cloud hosting service that has the ability to manage both your onsite and offsite data.

Otava VMware Cloud Hosting

Enter the world of VMware. Using this cloud host you can set up new cloud applications alongside your existing applications. No need to build everything from scratch. Furthermore, you can keep what is already working for your business’s data needs by transferring it over to VMware cloud hosting. Everything you need to manage your IT environment is located within a single cloud. This allows you to keep your business fully operational as you set up your new cloud with the same ease as a public cloud. Best of all, with VMware hosting you benefit from the same low cost as a public cloud, while essentially operating through a truly hybrid cloud solution.

Facts about VMware as offered by Otava:

  • Features a unified cloud platform using the latest technology and a super low-latency cloud network
  • Operates with a stack that utilizes the best firewall in the world for the ultimate in security
  • Is compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SSAE 16/SOC to meet industry and government regulations

When it comes to maintaining your business’s backup and disaster recovery you want the most reliable, secure and efficient hosting platform. Using Otava’s trusted platform, you can benefit from VMware cloud hosting for your business. Take advantage of the cost effective, high performance backup and disaster recovery available via VMware. Otava ensures your BDR will be secure, compliant and capable of maximum up-time when you go the route of VMware. Contact the Solutions Architects at Otava today to talk about integrating VMware, whether that be with desktop hosting, virtualization solutions, or VM backup and replication.

For more information on VMware provided by Otava, schedule a demo of VMware vSphere or any of our VMware backup and disaster recovery services.

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