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Video: How is Data Encryption Deployed Today?

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Online Tech’s Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello continues his data security series of videos on data encryption by explaining how encryption is deployed today and the two different types of decrypting data.

Encryption involves a series of different mathematical formulas that are applied to character data. You can use either substitution or transposition. Substitution is the example of B=A, A=C. Transposition is scrambling the letters – for example, take the word ‘cat.’ Switching the position of the first letter to the third letter, and the third letter to the first letter results in ‘tac.’ So, cat = tac.

Many strong encryption algorithms will use a combination of both substitution and transposition. Depending on the type of technology and device you use, the type of algorithms that are being used will be different for each. For example, mobile phones have very low power availability, therefore, mobile phones and desktop PCs would use different encryption methods.

View other videos in the data encryption series here, and check back as we continue to update!

How is Data Encryption Deployed Today? View video on our site.
How is Data Encryption Deployed Today? View video on our site.

Learn more about encryption of data at rest and in transit on our Defense in Depth page.

Encrypted Cloud Data

The increased cyber threats of hackers and data theft presents a strong case for employing encryption and infrastructure that both secures data while delivering strong computing performance for optimal data availability and reliability. In this white paper, different types of encryption will be discussed, including using encryption in the cloud.

Although encryption is not a silver bullet of data or system security, it is one key tool that can be accompanied by a full arsenal of security services for a layered-defense approach to ensuring data is protected, even if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Additional security options to add to your IT solution will be covered.

Download our latest white paper, Encryption of Cloud Data.

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