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Video: Data Encryption in Transit vs. at Rest

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Online Tech’s Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello continues his data security series of videos on data encryption by explaining difference between data encryption in transit vs. at rest and how symmetric and asymmetric encryption are used.

One encryption algorithm that is popular is AES – Advanced Encryption Standard. Using symmetric and asymmetric in encryption is important to understand.

With symmetric encryption, your decryption key is the same on both sides. Symmetric key cryptography is when the sender and receiver of a message shares a single key (the same one) to both encrypt and decrypt the message.

(For more Encryption Glossary Terms, download our Encryption of Cloud Data white paper today). This type of encryption is used to protect the bulk of our information on the Internet.

Aiello goes on to describe what asymmetric encryption is and what it is used for (primarily secure online exchanges via SSL – Secure Sockets Layer).

Various types of encryption are used in conjunction. Symmetric is fast, easy to use, not CPU-intensive; while asymmetric is very CPU intensive, slow, and harder to encrypt.

Learn more about encryption of data at rest and in transit on our Defense in Depth page.

The increased cyber threats of hackers and data theft presents a strong case for employing encryption and infrastructure that both secures data while delivering strong computing performance for optimal data availability and reliability. In this white paper, different types of encryption will be discussed, including using encryption in the cloud.

Encrypted Cloud Data

Although encryption is not a silver bullet of data or system security, it is one key tool that can be accompanied by a full arsenal of security services for a layered-defense approach to ensuring data is protected, even if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Additional security options to add to your IT solution will be covered.

Download our latest white paper, Encryption of Cloud Data.

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