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Use OTPortal® to Monitor your Bandwidth Usage at Online Tech

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If you’re an Online Tech client, you can easily monitor your monthly bandwidth usage in OTPortal®, our client hosting portal.

Simply login to OTPortal at https://customer.otava.com and open the Systems Tab. The Bandwidth Usage section gives you a snapshot view of your bandwidth for the current month, as well as the previous few months.

For a more detailed view of your usage, click the Real-time Chart button. This will open a page with an interactive graph showing your bandwidth over the past month. On this page, you can easily check your usage over a variety of time periods.

For a concise listing of your bandwidth usage, you can click the History button on the Systems Tab/Bandwidth Usage section. The Bandwidth Usage History page shows a color-coded listing of your usage on a weekly basis, grouped by month. All months or weeks with a green check indicate usage below your contracted limit. Yellow warning icons indicate weeks or months with overages.

If you need to add additional bandwidth to your contract, you can easily do that right in OTPortal.

  • Simply click the Add Bandwidth button on the Systems Tab/Bandwidth Usage section.
  • A pop-up window will appear where you can specify the amount of bandwidth to add.
  • Click Add to Cart to begin the ordering process.
  • If you have the Buyer role in OTPortal, you’ll be able to approve the order immediately. If you don’t have the Buyer role, OTPortal will display the name of the person authorized to approve the order.

Additional information about OTPortal is available in several training videos, found right on the site itself. If you have specific questions or need help, please contact us at [email protected], or by calling 734-213-2020 and selecting Option 3.

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