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Simplified Server Monitoring for SaaS and E-commerce Hosting

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Monitoring Increases Uptime for SaaS Hosting and E-Commerce Hosting

(Ann Arbor, MI – September 2nd, 2009) The majority of user frustrations with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and E-commerce applications aren’t caused by hosting infrastructure failures, such as power or Internet connectivity. Rather, most user problems are rooted in application and server performance problems that can be proactively monitored and addressed before they impact the user experience.

To overcome this issue, Online Tech introduced OTMonitor™, a multi-probe server monitoring service for colocation servers and dedicated servers available at all of its data centers. The several hundred elements which can be monitored can be cast into one of 3 categories:

  • Performance Monitoring – monitors and tracks the server performance characteristics including disk capacity, CPU and memory utilization.
  • End User Monitoring – for the availability and performance of applications and websites across the Internet.
  • Internal System Monitoring – including ports, application services, and database performance issues. OTMonitor can monitor and log through any SNMP or WMI interface.

“Our SaaS, E-commerce and web hosting clients need the ability to monitor and respond to any server, database or application issue in real-time” said Mike Klein, President of Online Tech. “OTMonitor extends our proactive server management philosophy. Whether we act as the first responder or our clients self manage their servers, the starting point is proactive monitoring of their application and servers.”

Upon finding an outage or performance benchmark that is out of range, OTMonitor sends a message to one or more first responder’s e-mail or cell phone. Unresolved issues can be escalated over time to other responders including Online Tech engineers until they are addressed. The issues are also logged and graphed so the data can be used for historical trending or to calculate service level agreements, uptime and other statistics.

SaaS, E-commerce and web-based applications require attention to details to meet the 7×24 demands of the market. Common problems like running out of disk space by a run-away log file can bring an application to its knees. With proactive monitoring, performance threatening issues can be found and addressed before they lead to downtime and upset customers.

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