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PSA: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Preparedness

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We are sure many of you are concerned about the developing issues surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We’re seeing reports of confirmed cases in dozens of countries around the world, and that list is growing every day; so, we wanted to take a moment to share an update about the actions Otava is taking to proactively address the issue.  Like you, the safety of our people – from clients to partners to our employees – is forefront on our minds.
In alignment with official recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, we are implementing the following measures at every Otava owned or managed location:
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers, disposable wipes and tissues will be available at every location.
  • Exam gloves will be available at every location and recommend for use by custodial teams and anyone else who may be interested.
  • Otava cleaning crews will clean frequently touched objects and surfaces using regular cleaning spray or disinfectant on a consistent and frequent basis.
  • Employee business travel will be closely scrutinized by Otava management and we will adhere to CDC recommendations for business travel.
Otava will closely monitor and follow CDC recommendations on the spread of the coronavirus.
Otava Operations and Engineering support team members are spread across multiple geographies (more than four countries, eleven owned, operated or 3rd party facilities and numerous home offices worldwide). Given our geographic disbursement, we do not anticipate that the coronavirus will have any significant impact on Otava’s operations.
If any of our clients do not feel comfortable having employees come onsite, they are welcome to request remote assistance utilizing our remote hands support. Please take a moment to check OTPortal® to confirm that we have the most current contact information for you and your team members.
If you have any questions about Otava’s approach and preventative measures, I encourage you to reach out to Otava support via email, phone (877-740-5028) or the OTPortal.

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