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Protecting your Personal Data Integrity with Drive Encryption and Password Vault

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Spam and Scam mail is much like telemarketing of the last twenty years in the fact that they are equally annoying, frustrating, and disruptive. The precision of automated and impersonal marketing that makes telemarketers such a pain has drifted into the electronic realm in the form of chain email, Bank transfer schemes, and other spam related messages. Most often these seemingly harmless nuisances can hide an even more devastating threat such as viruses and Trojans which can be used by hackers to gain access to your computer.

In the business environment other security issues such as computer theft can threaten the most sensitive data and potentially destroy your reputation in business. Protection against these issues is possible through a few programs such as Drive encryption tools and Password vaults.

Drive encryption programs such as TrueCrypt can be used to encrypt the entire contents of a hard drive or USB devices as well as part of the operating system to guard against unwanted access in the case of a theft. This program works by encrypting the contents of the drive with random data that has no detectable signature making it extremely difficult to determine what is on the drive or the method used to protect the information that might help criminals crack the encrypted volume. Password protection is also crucial to ensure that your data remains secure and accessible only to you and other authorized users.

The issue of password storage and management, being one of the major concerns for many users is crucial to address since it can be a hassle to remember a dozen complex passwords for many different resources. A few organizations have stepped up to the plate to offer easy to use password management tools such as KeePass.  KeePass, a password Vault or safe is a program that can be used to store multiple passwords for different resources in one central location, using a single strong password to control access. While it seems like central passwords storage would make it easier for hackers to gain access to all of your resources it is often found that users will store all of their passwords in a single word document in an easy to access public folder negating the authentication purpose of passwords. Implementing these tools can help in the fight against intrusion and unwanted access to your crucial data.

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