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Perspective on Barron’s “The Sky’s the Limit” Cover Story on Cloud Computing

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In the January 4th issue of Barron’s, there was a very interesting article on cloud computing called “The Sky’s the Limit.” The article boldly states that “cloud computing will be as revolutionary as the Internet itself.”

This was a great article.

It is called Cloud computing for a reason. Cloud computing is the ability for many “certified” people to access a computing resource anywhere, anytime. The only requirement is that they have secure access to the Internet.

It is not called “sky computing”, if that was the case anyone anywhere could access the data and all the data would be shared. Maybe Sky computing will have its day, today it’s “The Cloud”.

Working in the Business Intelligence field for the past seven years I have seen the growth of virtual machines (VM). With VMs growth corporate users were willing to give up control of what CPU or server their data was running and on. By doing so they gained the ability to quickly request additional computing services without the two+ month wait for a new server to be ordered and be upgraded from corporate IT.

To me this was the beginning of “The Cloud” and with it the acceptance of the corporate user to trust the management of their servers to a trusted partner. The next stage in corporate computing has begun, “The Cloud”.

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