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Otava donates 1,000 boxes of cereal to Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor to help with COVID-19 relief efforts

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In challenging times like these, we need to do all we can to come together and help each other out. Otava’s own Mike Kroon, director of enterprise sales, took that to heart by dropping off 1,000 boxes of cereal to Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor! Mike had a friend tagging along to help with the effort — Josh Ryan, one of our Inside Sales Representatives. Together, they filmed a brief video of the donation.

In the wake of COVID-19, there are families all across the nation struggling to make ends meet, and demands at food co-ops and food banks has been high. We knew we had plenty of extra food that would’ve otherwise gone to waste, so why not put it to good use with our neighbors and community?

Check out the video below:

If you’re interested in helping the Ann Arbor community, you can visit the Food Gatherers website athttps://www.foodgatherers.org/.

Additional volunteer resources

Live elsewhere and want to help out your area, or even at a national level? Check out these resources:

Red Cross: Blood and plasma donations are greatly needed across America, as many blood drives and local events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. To donate, visit www.redcross.org.

Volunteer Match: This website lists volunteer opportunities related to COVID-19 to aid communities across the United States. Visit https://www.volunteermatch.org/covid19 to learn more.

Feeding America: This national organization is seeking donations to fund its network of food banks. More than half of its soup kitchens and food pantries are staffed entirely by volunteers. To give your time, click here.

Global Giving: The organization’s coronavirus relief fund will help groups provide food, medical treatment, water and other basic needs. Click here to donate.

Meals on Wheels: The nationwide group that delivers meals to the elderly is seeking volunteers as some cities and states enact tough restrictions to slow the spread of the virus. To work with local programs, go here for more information.

Invisible Hands: Invisible Hands is a group of volunteers braving the COVID-19 to deliver groceries and medication to high-risk demographics. Anyone who wants to help can go here.

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