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Online Tech Upgrades Giga-Bit Fiber and Network

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New Upgrades Will Provide High-Availability and High-Bandwidth Options for Customers

Ann Arbor, Mich—September 26, 2006—Online Technologies Corporation announces it has successfully deployed network upgrades and installed a new Gigabit fiber service. Online Technologies Corporation’s new architecture provides increased high availability and high bandwidth environment to meet OTC’s continued customer base growth and the customers’ increasingly demanding needs. Internet bandwidth is one of the many Internet infrastructure services Online Technologies provides to help organizations make better use of the Internet. Online Technologies continues to invest in all its Internet infrastructure products and services.

“Since OTC’s founding more than 12 years ago, OTC has remained committed to continuously improving our infrastructure based on customer input, customers’ needs, and industry best practices,” said Dale Adkins, VP client service and operations. “These upgrades are another demonstration of our leadership in reliability and scalability.”

“Our double digit year-over-year business growth combined with our customer’s increased growth in bandwidth consumption has required a new level of business requirements. These new requirements exceeded our old architecture,” said Yan Ness, president and CEO of OTC. “We presented new requirements to our technology team and gave them five months to find and implement a solution that increased our capacity and reliability. After months of research, planning and considerable investment our business and our customers benefit from the successful deployment.”

Online Technologies Corporation (www.onlinetech.com) is Michigan’s Fort Knox for computing and data. Our secure, highly reliable data centers provide the infrastructure to ensure our clients’ computers are always on; their data is always safe, and they are always connected to the Internet.

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