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Online Tech Upgrades Clients to More Efficient Data Center

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Online Tech announced today that it is shutting down its smallest data center located in downtown Ann Arbor . The center was its oldest of three data centers and no longer meets Online Tech’s high-end infrastructure standards.

Current clients will be upgraded to Online Tech’s recently acquired, more efficient data center located in the Avis Farms technology center on the south side of Ann Arbor.

This move is continuation of a larger business plan which began this past July when Online Tech sold its 15-year-old web hosting business to IGD Solutions to focus on its rapidly expanding colocation and managed dedicated server business.

Online Tech’s Mike Klein had this to say about upgrading their current clients,

“As we’ve continued to invest in our newest data centers, it became clear that our oldest data center in downtown Ann Arbor was terribly inefficient, expensive to operate, and lacked the redundancy and uptime capabilities required by the customer base we serve. By upgrading our clients to our Avis data center, we are able to offer them the benefits of a world class data center and increased redundancy for no extra cost.”

You can read the rest of the release here: PRWeb: Online Tech Upgrades Customers to Greener Data Center

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