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Online Tech talks hybrid cloud with Ann Arbor’s WLBY radio

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Nick LumsdenLast week, Online Tech’s very own Nick Lumsden was on the Lucy Ann Lance Show on WLBY AM 1290 to chat about hybrid cloud! The show was partnering with Ann Arbor SPARK to chat with winners of this year’s Fast Track Awards–an honor Online Tech is no stranger to, having won seven previously.

During his time on air, Nick talked about Online Tech’s latest product offering, Managed Microsoft Azure with SprawlGuard™.  Nick explained that this allows clients who use Microsoft Azure to better manage their public cloud environment, but with a unique twist: Clients can layer on SprawlGuard™ technology to specifically control their public cloud spend.

“We look at the public cloud problem not as a technological problem in managing it but really as a financial problem,” Nick said. “People get surprised by their bill. As they go and start spending in the public cloud and they’re spending thousands of dollars, suddenly those bills get really hard to navigate, and there’s all sorts of surprises. So we built analytic tools to help CIOs and IT directors understand their bill, predict when they’re going to exceed budgetary constraints they’ve set for themselves, and help them understand where their workloads should run.”

To listen to the entire segment, visit http://www.lance-erskine.com/audio/071017/tech. For more information about Online Tech’s managed Azure services with SprawlGuard™, visit http://www.onlinetech.com/cloud/managed-public-cloud.

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