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Online Tech Presenting at B-Sides Columbus

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Online Tech is in Columbus this month, speaking at the Columbus chapter of the international Security B-Sides conference series. The B-Sides event will be on January 20th, at Doctor’s Hospital West. Steven Aiello, our Senior Product Engineer, will be presenting on the intricacies of building a securable infrastructure. Online Tech will also be one of the sponsors for the event.

Security B-Sides is a grassroots security conference, built and tended to by the information security community both locally and globally. The structure for these conferences changes by location, depending on what benefits the local infosec community the most, ranging from unstructured conversations on a general topic, to a tightly scheduled itinerary.

Building Securable Infrastructures

Steve’s talk will work to answer the question “How do I design my environment to be securable?” In a world of bolted-on post-implementation security solutions, it’s hard to break free from the cycle of adding to an insecure foundation. Steve posits that designing an infrastructure with a focus on ‘baking in’ security from the start can help companies become more successful.

There are many important questions that have to be answered in order to design and build an infrastructure that can be made fundamentally secure. Here are just a few that Steve is going to answer in his talk:

  • How do we evaluate products in a systematic manner to eliminate vulnerabilities we invite into our environments?
  • Where is money more wisely spent: on developing quality security policies and guidelines, or on buying, configuring, and maintaining security products?
  • What are critical questions we should be asking our vendors when we evaluate new products for our environments?

If you haven’t gotten a chance to register for Security B-Sides Columbus, you still have time! Registration is only $20, and there are still a (very) few seats left. To register, or for more information on Security B-Sides conferences, click here.

Speaker bio: Steven Aiello is a Senior Product Engineer with Online Tech, the Midwest’s premier managed data center operator. His certifications include CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional), ISACA CISA, VMware VCP ( VMware Certified Professional), Cisco CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate), Comptia Security+, and Certified Incident Responder (New Mexico Tech).

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