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Online Tech Participates in Upcoming Webinar about PCI Compliance Challenges in the Cloud

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Have you signed up yet for the BrightTalk webinar Navigating PCI Security Mountains In The Cloud? If not, you only have a few days left to register for this informational session that will help parse through the role cloud service providers play in protecting credit cardholder data.

CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) must understand their role in keeping cardholder data safe. If a CSP is processing, storing, or transmitting cardholder data, they’re in scope, and it’s important that they are clear on the responsibility they have over specific aspects of data security and compliance. The organization that is looking to work with a CSP needs to know where their data is traveling and where it is stored, and needs to be clear about what is expected of the CSP. With less control over their storage in a cloud environment, the relationship that was already important between CSPs and organizations is now even more so. This webinar will touch on the key points every organization should care about when working or planning to work with a CSP.

Online Tech’s own Director of Operations, Jason Yaeger, will be one of the speakers in this webinar, alongside Bob Russo from the PCI SSC, Brandon Dunlap from Brightfly, and Randal Asay from Catbird.

The webinar will be November 6th, at 2pm ET, so clear off an hour on your calendar to take part in a discussion that could help keep your cardholder data safe in the cloud.

Register HERE to join in the discussion, or check out more information about the webinar here.

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