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Online Tech Offers Rackspace Customers a Soft Landing

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100% Uptime, No Fanatics Allowed

(Ann Arbor, MI—July 8, 2009) In a response to numerous power outages at Rackspace, Online Tech is offering Rackspace customers an easy transition plan to managed servers in its SAS-70 audited data centers. Online Tech is waiving the setup and first month fee for all Rackspace customers that upgrade to Online Tech’s data centers.

Online Tech focuses on high availability applications with three SAS-70 audited data centers sitting across two separate power grids and interconnected with high speed fiber for automatic failover. Rackspace customers upgrading to Online Tech will have their managed servers housed in the former General Motors data center in mid-Michigan which Online Tech bought in 2005. This data center has performed at 100% uptime in power delivery over the last 4 years running.

Online Tech delivers highly available managed colocation and dedicated servers to hosting and SaaS companies that need to be always on and always online. “We’re focused on delivering 100% uptime and fast, professional support for our clients across the country” according to Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech. “Our motto is ‘no fanatics allowed and no heroics needed’. Fanatics scare us because they can go off the rail and be very unpredictable. We build the systems and processes to deliver 100% uptime and deliver highly focused customer support. We hire professionals that can get the job done without heroics.”

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