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Online Tech is Expanding Nationally – Here’s How and Why

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Online Tech’s client base has expanded throughout the U.S. over the last couple of years.  Companies have embraced the fact that using a high-quality data center with remote management capabilities means the location of the data center doesn’t matter.  As the National Account Manager, I’m responsible for knowing what our clients across the country need from a managed dedicated server provider.

National clients have found the following reasons are more important than location when choosing a managed dedicated server partner:

  • Compliance with SAS-70 Type Two standards which indicates an adherence to strict protocols for physical and network security.
  • Having an on-line management tool for monitoring servers, checking bandwidth uptime and remotely rebooting servers.  See ours here.
  • Positive client references in different industries located in diverse regions.
  • Flexibility in working to meet their needs which is due to the smaller size of our organization.
  • Outstanding client support before, during and after their purchase.
  • 24 x 7 technical support

For example, one of our clients was looking for a partner who would work with them to enable their clients to see our SAS 70 Type Two audit.  They chose us not only because we are Type Two audited, but because we are also flexible enough to work with them to make this happen.  Typically, it’s more than one of these factors that a client chooses us.

Another national client recently chose us over a multitude of competitors, not only because he liked OTPortal, but because we worked hard to understand his requirements before the sale.   He also liked that our companies had similar size and that he wouldn’t feel like a small fish in a big pond.  We provided him with outstanding references from other national dedicated server clients.  It was all about the comfort factor.

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