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Online Tech Exhibits Encrypted Hosting at TechTomorrow 2013

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Online Tech will be exhibiting encrypted hosting solutions, including the encrypted cloud, at the TechTomorrow 2013 conference presented by the Columbus Chamber on November 14. Hosted at the Ohio Union at Ohio State University, TechTomorrow’s theme is Sustainable Innovation: Accelerating Business Value. Created and planned by CIOs for business leaders and other CIOs, CTOs, COOs, CEOs, Human Resources Executives, Chief and Innovation Officers, the conference features diverse keynote speakers and breakout sessions, including:

A few of the keynote sessions include:

Srini KoushikNTT Innovation Institute President and CEO Srini Koushik
Keynote Topic: Innovation and Business Agility
Description: During the past 5 years we have seen seismic changes in the global business environment fueled by the adoption of the internet, ubiquitous access (enabled by mobile devices), lower barriers to entry (enabled by cloud), real time access to insights (enabled by analytics) and more tech savvy customers who expect and demand better products and service (consumerization) from the firms they do business with. Winning in this hyper-competitive marketplace requires two key competencies – Innovation and Business Agility.

In this session, Srini Koushik will talk about business agility and how a culture of innovation is key to enabling business agility in the enterprise. He will talk about how organizations and individuals can become more innovative by taking a closer look at the barriers to innovation and understanding the building blocks of innovation. Finally, Srini will talk about how leaders can create a culture of agility and sustained innovation within their teams/organizations.

David SilvermanMcChrystal Group CEO and Co-Founder, David Silverman
Keynote Topic: Implementing Transformational Leadership
Description: The challenges facing the modern enterprise are expanding on a massive scale. The pace of change in all directions on today’s global playing field tells us that “good enough” now may not be “good enough“ tomorrow, and those that simply wait to react may not survive the transition.

Preparation for this new normal will require a dedication to knowing versus assuming, developing key relationships as a foundation for future trust, deploying an effectively skilled team, and above all, a new style of inspiring leadership that will assure our sustained successes.

Breakout sessions include:

Innovation Across the Enterprise: Beyond IT
Technology-based innovations evolve from active partnerships across all facets and functions of the overall enterprise, and it is naïve to think otherwise. The concept of the new social enterprise, where ideas and information flow seamlessly across borders, is very attractive. On the other hand, anyone that has worked in a politics-driven organization knows that all of the technology in the world does not change human nature. Some assembly is still required here, and this session will look more deeply into some of those factors.

Innovation Scope: Thinking Beyond Products
One of the problems with innovation is that it gets harder over time to come up with ideas that reinvent things in a fundamental and significant way. Often the basis for our thinking is the present, and innovations are then seen as variations on an existing theme. Think about automobiles and mobile phones; i.e., features change, but the basic product doesn’t. Real innovations come from looking beyond the product to more of what they intend to do, to the experiences that they intend to create, or to the uniqueness that they strive to provide. This session will more closely examine the types of innovation and how/when they might be used.

View the agenda here.

Encrypted Cloud Data

When it comes to innovative IT, using the best of technology to create secure solutions is key to integrating security seamlessly – with no impact on your computing and system performance. Read about our newly developed solutions for data encryption in the cloud using enterprise-class infrastructure and hardware to ensure data security in storage and in transit in our latest white paper, Encryption of Cloud Data.

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