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Online Tech at Data Connectors Indianapolis

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Data Connectors and Online Tech
Nick Lumsden speaking at
Data Connectors in Indianapolis.

Online Tech was onsite at the Data Connectors Indianapolis conference last week, and it was a big success. There were many different speakers at the event, including our own Nick Lumsden, who talked about data security, protecting your assets and tips on garnering buy-in from your executives and boards.

In his presentation, Nick discussed the average duration of an attack (243 days) and the average response time from organizations (four or five days for world-class organizations, but typically much longer).

According to Nick, 2.25 GB of data can be stolen every hour using only 5mb/sec of bandwidth. That’s a pretty good amount of data for a low amount of bandwidth. Why do the bad guys have such an advantage?

Nick says this is because it’s 10 times harder to defend an attack than to launch one. Cybersecurity has turned into an arms race, with malicious software being written to get into an organization, and “good” software written to stop the malicious attack.

Data Connectors and Online Tech
The Online Tech team at
Data Connectors in Indianapolis.

So how much should you spend to protect yourself? Nick recommends 0.5 to 2 percent of your revenue, and 8-11 percent of your overall IT spend. However, your amount may be more or less depending on your organization and the industry you work in. No matter what, it’s important that you value the data you keep, so you can show your board of directors what it is exactly they are spending money on to protect.

Cybersecurity was the theme of the conference, and companies such as Dell Security, Infoblox and Check Point made presentations about malware, DNS security and encryption. There were many different vendors onsite, and other topics discussed included disaster recovery, enterprise security, and ransomware.

Online Tech’s next speaking event is the Indy Big Data conference, which is on Sept. 1 in Indianapolis. Online Tech’s CEO, Yan Ness, will be speaking at the event. For more information, visit our webpage.

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