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New Year, New Outlook: Indianapolis Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Workshop

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Amid the hustle and bustle of the end of the year, we expect everyone’s doing some planning for 2015. Between your holiday parties and IT budgets, don’t forget to put our Indianapolis Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Workshop on your calendar for January!

The workshop will be held in our newly opened Indianapolis data center, and will last from 8am-12pm on January 22nd. Focused on Business Continuity planning, the workshop will kick off with a hands-on look at individual BC plans, so come prepared with questions you may have about your goals that we can help parse out with you.

After this, we’re going to look at three real IT disaster recovery architecture options. If you’re comfortable sharing some of your company’s struggles, we’ll be peer reviewing three different architectures to help solve your disaster recovery problems!

Lastly, our IT disaster recovery experts will be talking about lessons learned throughout their extensive BCDR experiences. These experts have run the gamut of disaster recovery scenarios, so you will no doubt hear something that you recognize from your own experience while also getting the chance to work through disasters you may not have ever even considered.

Our lineup of experts on hand to help will make this a unique experience for all that attend. First, we have Lance Thompson, Founder and President of Baseline Data Services. Lance boasts 30 years of IT experience and a 100% recovery success rate. Steven Aiello, Technical Architect of Ahead will also be available. With Ahead, Steven currently helps different company’s infrastructure and security teams design resilient architectures. Nick Lumsden is Online Tech’s own Director of Infrastructure, and has come to us with over 15 years in the tech industry. Nick is responsible for our full technology stack throughout all five of our data centers.

There is limited space at our Indianapolis data center for this event, so we can only accept the first 50 to register. If you’re interested in signing up, or at least learning more about this workshop, head over to our registration page. We look forward to a hands-on, collaborative event, and we can’t do it without excellent participants. We’ll see you there!

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