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Michigan Secure Hosting: Data Centers Safe from Hurricane Sandy

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Despite the icy roads and hail-snow hybrid weather, Michigan definitely isn’t getting hit as hard as the East Coast right now. Hurricane Sandy is hitting New York City hard, causing data center battery failures due to power shutdowns, according to News.CNET.com. The power shutdowns affected websites Gawker.com and Gizmodo.com as of yesterday afternoon. Many data center preemptive power shutdowns are intentional in order to prevent damage to underground and electrical infrastructure and equipment.

New York City’s energy provider, Consolidated Edison has shut down large portions of the power grid in lower Manhattan, according to ZDNet.com.

According to an Associated Press report, nearly 1 million homes and businesses in the State of New York don’t have electricity, while power outages in Maryland affected more than 145,000 customers.

Michigan is situated in the most ideal location for year-round secure hosting with an extremely low risk of any natural disaster – no earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. From 1980 to 2009, Michigan experienced the lowest number of major natural disasters, second only to Alaska.

Even the best data centers with full redundancy, battery and generator backups, and high-availability infrastructures are at a significant disadvantage against Mother Nature at her worst. This is when IT disaster recovery meets its hardest challenges. Online Tech wishes the businesses and residents a safe and speedy recovery from Hurricane Sandy!

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