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Live Chat is a Great Way to Learn how to Purchase Managed Dedicated Servers

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As the Business Development Manager, I’ve enjoyed educating people from around the world about how to purchase Managed Dedicated servers through our live chat service through WhosOn. The reason I enjoy using this service is that we are just having a chat about a client’s company and their needs. These chats can be fast and to the point, or at times, a little more comprehensive. What I like to do is learn about their company and where they want to grow it to. So before going into pricing I like to gather requirements.

Here are 5 questions I like to ask:

1. Do you have your own servers or are you looking for managed dedicated servers?
2. How many processors do you need?
3. How much RAM would you like?
4. How much disk space do you need for today and will that be suitable for future growth?
5. Do you need any backup? On-site or off-site?

These questions can help me develop a solution for you and also alert you to things that maybe you didn’t think of at the time, such as what OS are you going to be using, do you need point to point VPN or remote VPN.

These are items that can affect the price and delivery of the server to you.

Please stop by or contact us at www.otava.com.

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