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How Michigan Colocation Can Benefit Your Business

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Choosing where to store your data, whether internally or to an outside hosting provider, is a very important decision for any company these days. In addition, your IT staff is becoming more and more important as technology becomes more of a factor in how we do business.

They’re not only worrying about keeping client data secure and network infrastructure up among its employees, but also trying to maintain business applications internally. Allocating some of those responsibilities from your IT staff could really benefit you and your IT staff in the long run.

Michigan: Ideal Location for Colocation and Data Centers
Michigan: Ideal Location for Colocation and Data Centers

Here are three reasons on how Michigan Colocation can benefit your business:

1. Location – Michigan is considered one of the best states in the country for Colocation Services. Why is it one of the best? Here are some facts:

  • Cool Climate – Michigan is primarily cool for most of the year, with only 4 months out of the year being over 60 degrees. This results in free cooling for most of the year and more cost-effective data centers.
  • Low Risk of Tornadoes, Hurricanes, & Earthquakes – Michigan has never experienced a hurricane, is highly unlikely to experience downtime from any seismic activity due to its location, and faces a significantly lower amount of tornadoes than most of the United States.
  • Few Natural Disasters – From 1980 to 2009, Michigan had one of the fewest number of natural disasters that resulted in over $1 billion in damage.

2. Readily Available Support – Outsourcing to a Michigan Colocation provider gives you the option of having a support team in charge of your managed dedicated servers, saving your IT team time and most importantly, money. By paying an outside provider for their services, you’re not paying for power, space for your servers, air conditioning and extra IT staff in your company. Now you can you put that extra time and money into other areas of your business.

3. Security & Peace of Mind – When you choose a Michigan Colocation provider, you are providing your data to a company whose main goal is to secure your data and keep your company up and running. They live and breathe security and they take it very seriously when it comes to your data. Depending on what your company does, you may also have to follow strict policies, procedures and compliance regulations (HIPAA, PCI, SOX) with the data you have stored, and those can be steep hurdles to climb to achieve those standards. Not having those standards can result in major fines to your company.

Having a peace of mind that your data is secure and that your applications or website have 100% uptime is a good feeling for any business executive. Achieving that on your own is another story. It is definitely possible, but you’ll be putting a lot of time and resources into getting it done. Why not save that time and invest in a Michigan Colocation provider that can tailor to your business needs and can guarantee that your data is secure and always up and running? It becomes a Win-Win situation for both parties.

Want more information on Michigan Colocation? Check out our E-Tips where you can check out our Managed Colocation Guide, and find out What To Expect From Your Managed Colocation Provider.


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