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Within the last year, Online Tech has doubled its staff, and we have no plans of stopping this dramatic growth any time soon. Because of this growth, I spend each day learning about potential candidates, identifying bright people with great skills and a passion for excellence who would like to join our team and continue our legacy of providing exceptional experiences to our clients.

The key to our hiring? Culture.

Why do we find culture so important at Online Tech? Because it’s the thing that sets us apart. It’s the little x-factor that keeps us from becoming just another hosting provider. Hiring people with not only the knowledge, but also a strong commitment to our core values, can sometimes be a real challenge, but compromising on culture can mean an ultimate decline in quality, and that’s not something we’re willing to accept.

What is our culture? Our core values may be simply put, but they are embodied by a group of complex people. Adages like Great Ideas Win, Highest Credibility, and Exceptional People Delivering Exceptional Experiences aren’t just on a dusty plaque tucked away somewhere in a corner of the office; they’re a part of the job description. This means in-depth conversations with job candidates, so we not only learn more about their skills and expertise, but we also gain insights into who they are, what they have accomplished, and what drives them to excel.

I often end up feeling strong connections with our candidates (many of our team members will interview the candidates with me, or after I do, but I speak with each person as part of our process), as these conversations leave me knowing an individual in a way that a 20-minute cookie cutter interview just won’t. These conversations also give candidates the opportunity to get comfortable with us as a company, and decide for themselves if this is a community in which they would like to work.

Simply put, we are meticulous with our hiring to guarantee the quality we demand for our clients. When we say Exceptional People, we want to mean it. And we do.

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