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Gearing Up For HIMSS ’12 in Las Vegas! Online Tech Exhibits HIPAA Hosting Solutions

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Online Tech is gearing up for the 12th Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas next week, one of the largest healthcare IT conferences in the world.

We’ll be exhibiting our HIPAA compliant hosting solutions for healthcare organizations, healthcare Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and other related organizations at Booth #13528. Stay tuned for some live blogging from our Online Tech reps next week!

Our HIPAA cloud, colocation and managed server packages have just launched! And we’ve revamped and expanded the HIPAA section of our website. Click below for more details.


We’re one of the few (perhaps only) 100% HIPAA compliant hosting providers that have undergone an independent audit by a CHP (Certified HIPAA Practitioner) and CHSS (Cerified HIPAA Security Specialist) and can provide a copy of our audit report to clients under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

We also sign business associate agreements (BAAs) to clarify our role and responsibilities when it comes to protecting your personal health information (PHI) and breach notification policies.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting Screenshot
HIPAA Compliant Hosting Screenshot

Get the facts about HIPAA and what you need to be HIPAA compliant:


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