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Five common cloud computing myths

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top cloud computing myths explainedDespite the phenomenal growth of cloud computing and the increase of knowledge that comes with it, there are still many myths about the cloud that persist even to this day. If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud or are already there, there are some beliefs you should know that might cause you to rethink your cloud strategy.

Here are 5 common cloud computing myths:

  1. Moving to the cloud is a one-man or one-team decision. Contrary to what you might think, adopting cloud strategy is not a one-man show. It takes a team to determine the best move for your business. And just because cloud technology is an IT-related concept does not mean that it’s solely up to the IT team to make the decision. There are financial and executive management decisions to be considered, too. If a cloud strategy is embraced by the top level of management as well as the IT team, the adoption process is much more likely to go smoothly, and employees are more likely to receive the training they need.
  1. Putting as much as you can in the cloud will make your life easier. Not every solution is a cloud-fits-all. There are some parts of your production site that may be better suited to physical hardware than virtual. If you put anything and everything in the cloud, you could be making more work for yourself without knowing it.
  1. The only reason to use the cloud is to save money. There are other reasons to move to the cloud besides saving money. Ease of use, accessibility and technology upgrades are just a few (reasons) to move to the cloud. And in some cases, the cost savings may not be as much as you think. Make sure to research your specific needs and find out how your TCO will be affected as a result.
  1. Only a private cloud can manage your critical applications. It depends on what critical means to your business. If your critical systems involve applications that require you to scale in a very reliable way, then perhaps a private cloud is the best solution for you. But if critical simply means having enough storage space or a functioning email server, you could be more suited to a public or hybrid cloud.
  1. If you aren’t in the cloud, you’re failing at life. There are many advantages to using the cloud, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Just because you don’t have a cloud solution doesn’t mean your current solution is bad. Even if most businesses are using the cloud more and more, you must look at what’s best for your business. That might mean you have a dedicated or colocation solution that is better suited for your applications. And that’s OK! The important thing is to help your business manage your growing data demands the best it can.

There are many more myths to cloud strategy than what’s listed above. If you’re considering moving to the cloud or are already there, take a look at your options and make sure the cloud solution you adopt or adopted is truly the best fit for your business. For more information about cloud computing, download our “6 Must-Ask Questions on Public or Private Cloud Computing”.

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