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Event Planning at a Data Center

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When you think of a data center, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Racks? Raised floors? Gray walls? While those are all fair assumptions when thinking of data centers…did you ever consider that some of them may be modern, colorful and just the right place to host your next techie event? I know, I know. Host your next event at a data center? Huh?

Ann Arbor 2 Data Center
Ann Arbor 2 Data Center

Last December, we tested the waters of just such an event with an open house for our newest location. Guests were able to mingle and network while enjoying food and tours of the facility. Several breakout sessions were held in our various conference rooms led by industry experts and insiders. See photos from the event on the OTFlickr and more information about the event.

Online Tech Data Center Open House 2011
Online Tech Data Center Open House 2011

This year we are looking to utilize the space and bring more of our own seminars in house. Several outside groups have expressed interest in utilizing the meeting space to host their own seminars and events in our Ann Arbor 2 location (our newest Ann Arbor data center) this year:

  • The Michigan PowerShell Group will be hosting their meeting at the data center today during the International PowerShell User Group Day on March 19th at 6:00 P.M. ET.
  • On April 19th, the Ross School of Business Alumni Club of Southeast Michigan will hold their Cloud Computing Seminar on innovation and trends at the Online Tech’s newest Ann Arbor data center. M.S. Krishnan, Ross Professor and Executive Education instructor, as well as Gary Baker and Online Tech’s President and COO Mike Klein will be presenting. Get more information on the event.

Our newest data center boasts a sleek, modern and (dare I say it?) artsy office area. With several high top work stations, laid back sitting areas and various sized conference rooms, our Ann Arbor 2 data center has become a place to meet, mingle and manage.

Planning an event at a data center is really no different than any other venue. Once you have a great location that speaks for itself, just throw in a presentation, food and people for a great mix. Easy.

Open house photos by Noah Wolf of OT Operations.

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