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Encryption Webinar Series Launches June 2013

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We’re launching an encryption webinar series for three consecutive weeks this June! Get informed from several different perspectives on the data security service, from that of a Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP) to a Software Development Manager and Systems Support Manager.

Encryption – Perspective on Privacy, Security & Compliance
Tuesday, June 11, 2013 @ 2PM ET
Starting with a perspective on privacy, security and compliance (including encrypting data for HIPAA and PCI), we’ll dive into the legalities of encryption, typical encryption methodologies and how to document and present for auditing purposes.

Join Chris Heuman, Practice Leader for RISC Management and Consulting, for an informative webinar on the value of encryption for HIPAA, PCI and many other regulatory frameworks and the successful components of a data security program that integrates encryption. Learn more and sign up online here.

Encryption at the Software Level: Linux and Windows
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 @ 2PM ET
Next, we delve into a more technical discussion about encryption at the software level for both Linux and Windows, and how encryption can be applied at various levels, from the software application code, as well as the impact on performance, backup, security and more.

Join Farooq Ahmed, Software Development Manager for Online Tech and Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist for Duo Security as they explore how to employ encryption in order to mitigate risk of data loss or breach and what to consider in comparing different methods. Learn more and sign up online here.

Encryption at the Hardware and Storage Level
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 @ 2PM ET
Join Steve Aiello, Systems Support Manager at Online Tech for an informative webinar on encryption at the hardware and storage level.  Steve will discuss how encryption can be applied at various levels from the hardware and storage perspective. Impacts on performance, backup, security, and available resources may suggest very different encryption implementations.

This webinar explores the variety of places where encryption can be employed to mitigate risk of data loss or breach, and some of the considerations for choosing the most appropriate method to employ. Learn more and sign up online here.

Encryption is just one tool considered a best practice for organizations concerned with security or those that need to meet specific compliance regulations. Find out other best practices and requirements in our white papers:

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
This white paper explores the impact of HITECH and HIPAA on data centers. It includes a description of a HIPAA compliant data center IT architecture, contractual requirements, benefits and risks of data center outsourcing, and vendor selection criteria.

PCI Compliant Hosting
This white paper provides information on PCI hosting requirements, recommendations, and the foundation of a secure PCI compliant data center.

Mobile Security
This white paper explores approaches to mobile security from risk assessment (what data are truly at risk), enterprise architecture (protect the data before the devices), policies and technologies, and concludes with an example of a mobile security architecture designed and implemented within a hospital environment.

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