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Encryption Video: What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

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Online Tech’s Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello continues his data security series of videos on data encryption by explaining what a virtual private network is and the options a company has to secure data transfer over the internet.

A virtual private network (VPN) can be implemented site to site – this method is especially beneficial for satellite offices in different locations. Without buying an expensive point to point link, a VPN sends encrypted data over the Internet using symmetric encryption.

Using a pre-shared key, symmetric encryption requires two admins to agree to the parameters of the VPN tunnel, such as the type of encryption and the shared key. After that, they would establish a secure link across the Internet from a branch office back to the headquarters – a very common use case for this type of VPN that allows users to send sensitive data over the Internet that they might not normally send due to security issues.

Another type of VPN is mobile VPN. You can use an SSL via web browser or desktop client in order to access data remotely via your laptop or other workstation. This is useful for companies in industries that need to view financial or healthcare data securely and remotely.

View the videos in the data encryption series here, and check back as we continue to update! Aiello will also be speaking on a panel discussion at the Detroit SecureWorld Expo:

Industry Expert Panel: Network Security
Room: Suite 3
Time: 1:15pm – 2:15pm
Description: Network Security is defined as, “the protection of a computer network and its services from unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure.” Cyber security professionals are tasked with keeping up with new threats to the network while maintaining efficient workflow and access to information. This panel discussion aims to explore current issues being raised in the area of Network Security and solutions available to make the network more secure.

Learn more about encryption of data at rest and in transit on our Defense in Depth page.

The increased cyber threats of hackers and data theft presents a strong case for employing encryption and infrastructure that both secures data while delivering strong computing performance for optimal data availability and reliability. In this white paper, different types of encryption will be discussed, including using encryption in the cloud.

Encrypted Cloud Data

Although encryption is not a silver bullet of data or system security, it is one key tool that can be accompanied by a full arsenal of security services for a layered-defense approach to ensuring data is protected, even if accessed by unauthorized individuals. Additional security options to add to your IT solution will be covered.

Download our latest white paper, Encryption of Cloud Data.

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