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Encryption is the key to the data kingdom

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Data encryptionEncryption is becoming more and more a part of our personal and professional lives. One could even argue that we can’t live without it. In fact, it’s become so standardized that Amazon recently announced it was bringing back encryption to its Kindle Fire tablet after removing it in a previous version and hearing customer complaints. And with all the media coverage surrounding Apple’s latest encryption fight, it’s safe to say it’s at the forefront of security-related minds.

Encryption, which typically uses an algorithm that scrambles your data until a key is presented to unlock it, is all about data protection. It’s easy to implement and can protect you if your device is stolen or lost, as long as your encryption key is not compromised as well. Whether you use it or not, depends on what data of yours is worth protecting.

Think of all of the data that you access regularly online. Your email, pictures, address book  and even your bank account. Whatever the case, when your personal information is hacked, it can cause quite a headache and (potential) embarrassment trying to get your data back, not to mention the risk and problems that are associated with having your identity stolen.

Now imagine your corporate identity stolen, and the repercussions that come with that. You could lose your job and your company could possibly go out of business. If you’re in the healthcare industry, it could be even worse. It doesn’t sound like a risk worth taking, does it?

Society is demanding the ability to encrypt their devices, whether they be for work or play purposes, and companies are catering to that demand. And even though it’s a popular subject right now, it’s easy to forget what encryption is all about—protecting your data. No matter whether it’s work or personal, protecting your data is key.

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