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Driving Business Growth: How the Cloud Grows your Business

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Every company dreams of achieving year-over-year growth. The ability to expand your customer base and grow revenue is a sign of success in the business world. The funny thing about this kind of growth, however, is that it also comes with more data and requires more resources to maintain. Thus, one important factor in predicting a company’s capacity for growth is its IT competency.

IT affects every aspect of a company, from Sales to Marketing to Research and Development. Without an optimized IT strategy, all other functions of a business can suffer. If your employees have to spend exorbitant amounts of time navigating their daily processes, less focus will be given to growing the business.

Part of the beauty of cloud computing is that it allows your business added flexibility when it comes to IT. You no longer need to worry about running out of room for your data, or the affects of disorganized IT; the cloud gives you the ability to scale up or down on demand and optimizes your IT processes. With the agility of the cloud, your company can grow without a cap.

Recover Faster, Don’t Lose Momentum For Growth

When you back up your data to the cloud, you can quickly and efficiently recover all of your data at any moment. With active-standby failover and other disaster recovery models, downtime becomes a thing of the past. Regardless if you were hit by a cyber-criminal, who encrypts all of your files, or a natural disaster, that destroys your IT environment, you can recover your full IT operations in hours, not weeks.

What does this mean for growth? Without downtime plaguing your IT operations, your company can stay focused on innovation and growth. You also have the added bonus of boosting your company’s reputation for quality – your customers are happy with their experience and spreading the word.

Storage Flexibility

The benefit of outsourcing data storage is that you have the flexibility to store as much data as you want, on a platform that suits your business needs. You can invest in a custom solution that aligns directly with your cloud initiatives, or you can start with a small cloud environment and scale. With a cloud storage model, growth becomes uncapped.

Scalability and Agility in the Cloud

Building your own infrastructure is limiting and hinders your business’s ability to grow. In order to expand your data capacity, you would need to purchase additional, expensive hardware. The cloud gives you the opportunity to increase or decrease the amount of data you want to store on demand. This means you don’t waste money on space that you are not using or have to endure a large capital expense to expand. The cloud will grow with you, without limit, unlike a privately owned environment.

And, if your company experiences rapid growth, the cloud has the agility to make adjustments in real-time. No hassle changes can be made as needed, meaning you can dump all of your data in, or take it out, without delay.


For any business, growth should be a positive thing, not another added strain on your company. With the Cloud, growth is not only possible, it’s easy. Make things easy for your business by leveraging a cloud model. Start the conversation today.

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