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Cyber-Theft Webinar Focuses on Data Security Challenges

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Join Adam Goslin, COO High Bit Security for an informative webinar on the latest information on cyber-theft, and the very real security challenges all businesses face.

Title: Why Is It So Hard to Secure a Company?
When: Tuesday, July 16 @2PM ET
Register: Visit to Register
Description: This easy to understand session is intended for both business and technical participants to improve their understanding of the reasons it is so difficult to secure a company, the biggest (incorrect) assumption that leads to an insecure stance, and learn ways to get proactive about risk mitigation.

Cyber-crime and data breaches – every day the news is filled with reports of hackers stealing sensitive information from companies. Major companies make big news, but today the majority of the client data and intellectual property theft is targeted at small and medium size organizations as they are typically an easier target.

High Bit Security COO, Adam Goslin, will share the latest information on cyber-theft, and the very real security challenges all businesses face. He will review security testing solutions your organization can implement immediately to mitigate your risk of being a victim. Participants can expect to gain a much greater level of understanding of the security risks to their own organization, vendors, and customers.

Adam GoslinAdam Goslin, COO, High Bit Security, LLC

Adam has an IT career that spans more than 15 years, going on to found High Bit Security, a national security services provider, providing penetration testing solutions to clients who need to protect sensitive data in industries such as Healthcare, Credit Card, Financial, or companies that otherwise store Intellectual Property or Personally Identifiable Information. High Bit Security also provides security consulting services to our clients to assist them with their compliance objectives across PCI-DSS, PA-DSS, or simply wish to perform a security best practices audit of their organization. www.HighBitSecurity.com

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