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Commentary on The Evolution of Application Software Development

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In the 3/26/10 article on the “Practical Advice on Saas Marketing” blog there is a great reference and comparison to how cars were built at the Ford Motor River Rouge complex and the evolution of application software development.

Strange as that may seem, the article goes on to suggest that software development is on a similar path, although it lacks the docks, furnaces and railroad tracks.  The article suggests that the developers were once responsible for the entire solution, from user interface down though the entire “stack” to the silicon. They compared it to the Rouge plant where Ford was responsible for the raw material going in one side and Mustangs coming out the other.

They went on to say that “Cloud Computing” and platform as a service (PaaS)  are further destinations on the same path. They suggest that by providing a pre-built, stable foundation (PaaS) this now allows application developers to focus on the user interface and other higher order functions instead of building the entire solution.

An interesting comparison and one that makes a lot of sense to me.

Your thoughts?

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