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Cloud Storage – More Secure and More Reliable than Tape Backup

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Mike Klein recently wrote a post for Dynamic Computer’s IT Blog. Here is an excerpt of that article:

“With so much talk about “cloud computing” it’s hard to separate the hype from reality at times. However, as one of the leading managed data center operators in the Midwest, we’re seeing a definitive trend with our clients moving towards “storage in the cloud” or online backup and data storage. Whether you’re backing up to an unknown location “in the cloud” or to a trusted data center such as Online Tech, the advantages of online data storage over traditional tape backup are worth considering.

For many, online data storage is less expensive, faster, more secure, and more reliable than the tape backup systems used over the past several decades. Here are a few of the advantages to consider:

Backup Costs – Rapidly declining storage and Internet costs has driven down the costs of online storage over the last 12 months. When you consider the real cost of a tape backup process including the hardware, maintenance, personnel costs, tape pickup and drop off, and offsite storage, online data storage can offer a far more cost effective alternative.”

You can read the whole article at Dynamic Computer’s IT Blog.

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