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Cloud Security at Columbus Information Security Conference

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On May 22nd, industry experts from around the Columbus area will converge to speak at the Data Connectors Columbus Tech Security Conference. This will be held in the Quest Conference Centers in Columbus.

The focus of the Data Connectors event circuit is information security. Within these events, topics range from VoIP and LAN security to wireless security and securing USB drives. Below is a sampling from the agenda in Columbus:

The Evolution of Endpoint Security: Detecting and Responding to Malware Across the entire Kill Chain
Brian Orr, CISSP, GISP,
Systems Engineer, Bit9

Over the past decade, the volume of malware produced and potentially infecting organization, has multiplied by orders of magnitude. The scope of the threat, in conjunction with little to no innovation by traditional security vendors has left organizations like yours vulnerable. The time is NOW to expand security infrastructures to include detection and response capabilities that allow you to fully scope, contain, and remediate each threat in real-time on your endpoints and servers. Join Bit9 to discuss the emergence of endpoint malware and the new class of security solutions that can detect threats early and across more points on the kill chain.

Anatomy of the Target Stores Breach: Lessons Learned
Ken Donze, Senior Manager of Customer Engineering Solutions, Trend Micro

Target Stores has invested millions in “next gen” cyber security and had received PCI certification. And yet hackers compromised its systems and credit card data during the busy retail holiday season. Over 70 million people were impacted. Join Trend Micro as they outline the breach, how people and processes were impacted, and how warnings and false positives were overlooked. As more and more firms consolidate data centers and invest in new solutions, how can human error and social engineering be mitigated and risks managed? How can organizations balance risk and security investment? What Best Practices and controls are recommended?

At 3:15pm Jason Yaeger, Director of Product Management will also be speaking, about cloud security:

Securing the Cloud in a Regulated World
Jason Yaeger, Director of Product Management, Online Tech

Securing the cloud for one organization is hard enough. A cloud architecture that can fit within the performance, security, and compliance constraints across many organizations and industries requires a few novel approaches – and investments. For one, a positive partnership with auditors. Second, security and compliance driven culture, not checkboxes. Third, serious technology investments to enable key functions like encryption and remote backup to play nicely together. This presentation with share a behind-the-scenes look into the architectural decisions behind a cloud capable of protecting sensitive data in the healthcare, banking and other regulated industries.

Head to our event page to find out more about our session at the Data Connectors event this week, or to the Data Connectors site to register to attend.

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