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Bringing secure, compliant hosting to Indianapolis

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It’s official! Our newest data center in Indianapolis is open for business. We’re very excited to bring secure, compliant, enterprise class cloud, colocation and offsite backup and disaster recovery to Indianapolis. It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to serve Indiana businesses and its IT community from the 44,000 square foot facility on Merrill Street, minutes from downtown, that officially opened today.

So what makes Online Tech unique in the Indianapolis market? Just like at our four other Midwest data centers, we will be delivering secure, compliant, enterprise hosting for our clients’ mission critical applications. Businesses in need of the level of protection and access to the cloud that we provide previously had to look to other regions of the country for this type of data center.

What the heck does that mean? Let’s start off with the type of hosting that we don’t focus on. We don’t offer cheap commodity cloud servers for gamers, email marketers or low-end web hosting. There are plenty of low cost alternatives out there that don’t need to deliver 100-percent uptime or the stringent security or regulatory compliance we deliver.

Our clients include healthcare companies, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, retailers and mid-size to large businesses that can’t afford downtime in their mission critical IT systems. They tend to be very concerned about security and regulatory compliance, and need the uptime benefits of enterprise technology without the capital outlay required to purchase the equipment themselves.

We think of our value proposition this way:

Security: The war against hackers continues to escalate, as does the cost and pace of new security technologies. Rather than build, monitor and maintain their own layered security defense in-house, our clients leverage the full array of security technologies available at our data centers and in our cloud server platform.

Compliance: Regulatory requirements continue to escalate – HIPAA for health care, SOC for financial industries, PCI for credit card processing and Safe Harbor for protecting EU citizen data. Rather than hire outside auditors to test their systems and processes, our clients leverage our third party audits as part of their compliance programs. We provide our audit reports to our clients annually so they don’t have to do the audits themselves.

Enterprise Hosting:  From our world-class data centers with 100-percent uptime SLA to our high performance, high availability cloud computing, we’ve designed our systems for applications that can’t afford downtime. Our enterprise off-premise backup handles bigger data sets and offers faster recovery than most hosting companies in the market.

We’re excited about opening our new data center in Indianapolis. We invested $10 million making extensive improvements to create a world-class facility that will create up to 25 permanent jobs for local IT, sales and data center professionals.

There is a growing demand for secure, compliant hosting in Indianapolis and the surrounding region and we’re looking forward to serving all of Indiana as we continue to expand our network of data centers across the Midwest.


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