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Backup video series: What are cost-effective data backup technologies?

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Note: This is the 12th in a 12-part data backup video series by Online Tech Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello. View the entire backup video series.

What two technologies give you the most “bang for your buck” in data backup software? Deduplication and compression.

The benefits of compression are well known. But implemented properly, deduplication can save a considerable amount of time on backups and a considerable amount of space on backup storage.

Deduplication eliminates duplicate or redundant information and only backs up new data. Aiello estimates it can cut a typical 6-to-8 hour backup window down to 30-to-50 minutes. That’s a huge benefit particularly for servers that are both mission critical and need to be online servicing customers.

“You’re spending less time backing up the server and the server can spend its time the way it’s supposed to be, servicing requests from customers,” Aiello says.

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