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Backup video series: Options to think about when backing up data

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Note: This is the fourth in a 12-part data backup video series by Online Tech Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello. View the entire backup video series.

There are many options to consider when starting a data backup plan. Primarily, where are you backing up that data (to disk, to tape, locally, off-site) and how often will you do it (daily, weekly, monthly).

There are benefits and drawbacks to most options. Backing up locally to tape is secure but time intensive. Backing up locally to disk is less secure but improves speed.

Aiello suggests that backing up offsite to disk offers the best of both worlds.

“It allows you to transmit data offsite, so it’s secure,” he said. “But you also have the added benefit of writing it to disk, so if you need to do a recovery, generally it will be much faster than if you were to have to recall a tape from third-party provider, mount the tape in your tape system and do the restore.”

This video series will continue throughout February. Check back for new entries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Up next: “How often should I back up my data?”

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