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Backup video series: Do you need a testing plan for data backups?

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Note: This is the 11th in a 12-part data backup video series by Online Tech Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello. View the entire backup video series.

Here is Aiello’s three-part answer to the question driving today’s data backup entry:

  1. Always test the restore process.
  2. Always test the restore process.
  3. Always test the restore process.

So, yes, you do need a testing plan for data backups. It doesn’t matter if you back things up if you can’t restore it. If data is in your backup catalog, do a test restore and make sure that restore works.

“Any good cloud provider or backup provider worth their salt should be able to work with you and provide that for you as part of the service,” Aiello says. “That way you can validate that the data you’re backing up is actually retrievable in the event of an emergency.”

This video series will continue throughout February. Check back for new entries every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Up next: “What are cost-effective data backup technologies? Deduplication and compression.”

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