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An Easy First Step for Disaster Recovery

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Online Backup to a Secure Data Center Delivers Cost Effective Disaster Recovery

With the announcement of OTVault, new online data storage, businesses can take an easy first step towards disaster recovery by backing up their data online to one of Online Tech’s SAS 70 certified data centers.

Backups at many businesses are often poorly managed – inconsistent backup schedules or leaving the backup data on site are just some of the problems that can be overcome by automating electronic backups to online data storage.

OTVault lets businesses map the online storage to their in house servers as a drive and use their current backup software to write backups and critical data at Online Tech’s SAS70 certified data centers.

OTVault starts at $199 for 100 GB of online data storage and only $99 for each additional 100 GB.  More on OTVault online data storage.

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